Dave Barry's 2001 Holiday Gift Guide
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Published Sunday, December 2, 2001


'Under-Ease' Anti-Flatulence Underwear is revolutionary and air-tight. It contains a charcoal filter to keep others away from one's noxious bodily odors.
$24.95 plus shipping and handling from Under-Tec Corp., P.O. Box 11714, Pueblo, Colo. 81001; 1-888-433-5913; Internet: www.under-tec.com.

Suggested by many alert readers

This could very well be the most exciting scientific breakthrough item that we have ever featured in the Gift Guide. ``Under-Ease'' is a revolutionary new air-tight underwear that contains a charcoal filter, which filters out noxious bodily odors before they can escape into the atmosphere and be blamed on the dog.

This product was invented by a Pueblo, Colo., man named Buck Weimer. In a deeply moving interview with the Denver Post, Buck revealed that he first dreamed of this concept one evening after a Thanksgiving dinner, when he and his wife, who suffers from an inflammatory bowel syndrome, were lying in bed, and she cut loose with a near-nuclear blast. Lying there, eyes watering, Buck resolved to do something, and, after years of research, he perfected and patented the design for Under-Ease.

We cannot think of a more thoughtful gift than this for that friend or loved one who cannot figure out why people keep leaving the room. Under-Ease: It reeks of the holiday spirit.

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