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Classic '98: Going ballistic

Every now and then somebody thinks up a new idea that is so totally revolutionary that it just totally revolutionizes everything. For example, in 1905 Albert Einstein stunned the scientific community when he announced that ''e'' is equal to ''mc squared.'' Until that point, scientists had no idea what ''e'' was equal to.

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Classic '98: Manatee heaven
This Dave Barry column was originally published Sunday, April 26, 1998. As a nature-lover, I enjoy seeing animals in their native wilderness habitat, provided that it is within 20 yards … Click to Continue ».Read>>

Classic '98: Look before you eat

I have received some important information via a letter from Claire Nordstrum, 13, a student in Wisconsin (state motto: "Moo"). Claire states that her science teacher told the class that "it's a proven fact that on average a person eats six spiders in a year." Another science fact this teacher revealed, according to Claire, is that "wood ticks breathe through their butts."

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Classic '98: The truth will set you free
This Dave Barry column was originally published Sunday, March 15, 1998. I am getting sick and tired of listening to you members of the public carping about the news media. … Click to Continue ».Read>>

Classic '98: Mind your P's and Q's and teas

Recently, I took part in a High Tea, which is a ritualistic British type of light meal involving a large quantity of etiquette. Generally, I do not get involved with any level of tea, even Low Tea.

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