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Lots of farts and other hot air await the Democrats

Beans will fire up one protest

Everyone will be so unified

Booga booga booga!

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Do we have a story to tell you about Melania Trump — but you’ve heard it before

Dave Barry is a bit shocked that actual news broke out

Cleveland’s mayor has an answer about LeBron

Is Melania’s name really Betty?

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Coming to the GOP convention: Naked women! (We are not making this up)

Lots of things to do in Cleveland

There’s Lake Erie

Also, Lake Erie

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Dave Barry missed the naked women, but finds dancing Republicans!

The women held large mirrors

Positioned strategically

Donald Trump’s hair: ‘It’s America!’

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Classic '96: A Spit in Time

Some people -- and when I say "some people," I mean "women" -- complain that guys spit too much. A guy will be in a public place such as a city street or baseball game or wedding reception, and he'll suddenly rear back and launch what the medical profession refers to as a "loogie," and some people will say: "EWWWW! Gross!"

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