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Glory days

Bruce Springsteen played my guitar. I am not making this up. It was the high point of my musical life. It was even better than the time when, for a few minutes, I was in the same airport as Ray Charles.

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Classic '95: The smut patrol

Today we present the results of our Smut Patrol survey, in which we asked you, our alert readership, to report examples of pornography being snuck into our lives without our even knowing it until somebody points it out and makes a big deal about  it. This survey was inspired by the recent discovery that there are hidden porno images in various Walt Disney productions such as The Lion King.

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Classic '95: A frog in her throat

It is getting worse. When I say "it," I am referring to the worldwide epidemic of frogs showing up in food, which I documented in a recent column describing two worldwide incidents, one involving a frog baked onto a pretzel, and the other involving a frog in a frozen Chicken Cantonese dinner.

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Classic '95: Fasten your snake .. uhh, seat belts

It's a chilling question that all of us -- even veteran airline passengers -- ask ourselves every time we get on an airplane: "Is this going to be the one? Is this the flight where I get eaten by a python?"

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Classic '95: Trash talk

People often ask me: "Dave, what's the biggest advantage of working at home, other than that you don't have to get dressed until 4:30 p.m., when the pizza-delivery person arrives with breakfast?"

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