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Classic '96: Mucus and a tight pair of chinos

One great thing about playing host to the Olympics is that you get a chance to show the world the unique facets of your nation's culture. For example, at the 1994 Winter Olympics in Lillehammer, the world discovered that Norwegian culture features an enormous amount of snow.

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Classic '96: A little gymnast can go a long way

I went to watch the Tiny Women Athletes About The Size Of A Toothbrush Flagrantly Defying Gravity Event, also known as women's gymnastics.

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Classic '96: Atlanta: The Official Olympics Tackytown

And so, finally, the waiting is over, and the time has come to begin the Games of the XXVI Olympiad -- better known as, simply, "The Official Sports Marketing Event of the Coca-Cola Corp."

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Classic '96: Weepy vs. grumpy

It's time for an update on the presidential campaign, which some of you older voters may recall started in approximately 1957.

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Classic '96: Cloudy Memories of Youth

Recently I found myself in a deep nostalgia wallow as a result of two occurrences:

(1) Timothy Leary went up to that Big Volkswagen Microbus In The Sky. (2) I turned 49.

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