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Classic ’96: Great American turkeys

(This classic Dave Barry column was originally published Nov. 17, 1996.)

Thanksgiving is a time of traditions, and there is no tradition more meaningful than the annual U.S. Department of Agriculture warning about fatal food-dwelling bacteria. This year, I'm pleased to report, the department has outdone itself:

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Classic ’99: The committee: Rockers, Heloise, and my gum man
This Dave Barry column was originally published Sunday, March 28, 1999. Several months ago, I asked the question: Who should be our next president? Should we elect yet another member … Click to Continue ».Read>>

Classic ’99: My (painful) career as a soccer hooligan
This Dave Barry column was originally published Sunday, March 14, 1999 . We live in troubled and uncertain times, but I am feeling good - about myself; about my homeland; … Click to Continue ».Read>>

Classic ’99: When swordfighting a varlet, wear a trombone
This Dave Barry column was originally published Sunday, March 7, 1999 . I was surprised to learn that there are people in Miami who practice swordfighting. I never thought of … Click to Continue ».Read>>

Classic ’99: Flying sardines unite! Demand planes with two wings!
This Dave Barry column was originally published Sunday, February 28, 1999 . Lately there's been a lot of talk about an Air Traveler's Bill of Rights. This idea got a … Click to Continue ».Read>>

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