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Classic '95: A real American hero
As an American, I am ticked off about Sailor Moon. What is Sailor Moon, you ask? Shut up and I will tell you. … Click to Continue ».Read>>

Classic '95: DUCK!
The problem with hunting, as a sport, is that it's not competitive. A guy with a shotgun squats in a swamp; an unarmed duck with an IQ of maybe four flies overhead; the guy blasts the duck into individual duck molecules. Where is the challenge here? Where is the contest? … Click to Continue ».Read>>

Classic '95: Service with a smile
Income-tax-filing time: For Person A,  it's a nightmare;  yet for Person B,  it's no big deal. What's the difference? Simple: Person B died in 1993. This is the kind of sound tax planning that can prevent numerous headaches down the road. … Click to Continue ».Read>>

Classic '95: Let's humor the lawyers
Before I get to today's topic, which is mutant cereal in Canada, I want to apologize in a sincerely legal manner to JOCKEY International Inc., which manufactures JOCKEY brand wearing apparel. … Click to Continue ».Read>>

Dave Barry: A Floriduh driver’s guide for my teen with a learner’s permit
This is the first of three excerpts from the book ‘Live Right and Find Happiness (Although Beer Is Much Faster)’ by Dave Barry, to be released by Putnam on March 3. … Click to Continue ».Read>>

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