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Classic ’99: Welcome to Miami-Dade, the state of insanity
This Dave Barry column was originally published Sunday, May 30, 1999. You're not going to believe this, but a member of the Florida Legislature actually had a good idea. Usually, … Click to Continue ».Read>>

The grammar, it tends to slip after drinking a giraffe or two
This Dave Barry column was originally published Sunday, February 25, 2001. It is with great decrepitude that we present another episode of ``Ask Mister Language Person,'' the column that was … Click to Continue ».Read>>

Dave Barry’s Year in Review: Is there anything good we can say about 2018?
We can summarize 2018 in two words: It boofed. We’re not 100 percent sure what “boofing” is, despite the fact that this very issue was discussed in a hearing of … Click to Continue ».Read>>

Class of ’99, please don’t pull our plugs too eagerly
This Dave Barry column was originally published Sunday, May 30, 1999. Members of the graduating Class of 1999: When I gaze out upon you, so young and proud in your … Click to Continue ».Read>>

Classic ’98: Ho-ho-ho and a bottle of rum
This Dave Barry column was originally published Sunday, December 13, 1998. Ho ho ho! ‘Tis the Christmas season, a time of festivity and fun and credit-card statements the length of … Click to Continue ».Read>>

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Selected Columns 2008 - 2011


Dave Goes to the Conventions


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2 - There's a Party Going on Right He....shhhh!
3 - They Hear You Knockin'...But You Can't Come In

4 - The Feminine Mystique?
5 - Don't Fence Me In


1 - Mile-High Drama
2 - Denver - It's Not Easy Being Green
3 - The Floor Exercise
4 - Green Grow the Lileks
5 - The Great State of Whatever

Dave's Olympic Coverage

1 - Lost in Translation
2 - Is This Wall Great or What?

3 - Tastes Like Chicken

4 - Dave Gets Around
5 - A Night At The Opera
6 - The Name Game
7 - This Little Columnist Goes to Market
8 - Are You Ready to Rock and Roll?

9 - The City of Harmonious Harmony
10 - Beijing: It's Been Real

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