Published Sunday, Dec. 3, 2000 in The Miami Herald

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$15 plus shipping and handling from Demeter Scents, 83 Second Ave., New York, N.Y. 10003, phone: 800-482-0422; Internet: www.fp1.com/shopping/demeter/demeterhome.html

Suggested by Kim Dinell of Wichita, Kan., Carol Dow of Roanoke, Va., and Marian Wood of Sandy Hook, Conn.

If you are sick and tired of giving the same old cologne scents year after year, then this is the gift concept for you. Instead of boring fragrances that smell like flowers, fruits, spices, etc., you could give one that smells like . . . earthworms! Yes, ''Earthworm'' is an actual fragrance sold by this company. Another one is ''Dirt.'' And here's a festive scent for the holidays: ''Funeral Home.''

We scientifically tested the ''Earthworm,'' ''Dirt'' and ''Funeral Home'' colognes by having some people in our office sniff them. The testers agreed that each of the colognes definitely smelled like something, although to be honest nobody around here has ever taken a really good whiff of an earthworm.

In any event, we are certain that these colognes will be a big hit for the special somebody on your holiday gift list who likes to ''make an impression'' upon entering a confined space. (''What's that odor?'' ''I don't know, but it smells like a corpse!'')

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